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The FE exam is administered by NCEES throughout the year.

The PE examination is an 8-hour test and is given twice a year at several locations in Texas (certain PE tests are given only once per year). The PE exam testing dates are scheduled for April and October. Individuals may register with NCEES to take the FE examination without submitting an application to the board. Applicants with appropriate experience must apply and get approval to take the PE exam.

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Experience Basic Requirements You must meet the following experience requirements prior to application with the Board: 1. With an accredited engineering degree you must have a minimum of 4 years of active practice in engineering work, of a character satisfactory to the Board, indicating that you are competent to be placed in responsible charge of such work. 2. With a non-accredited degree you must have a minimum of 8 years of the same type of work required of those candidates with an accredited engineering degree.


Types of Experience During your first few years of experience after graduation, it is imperative that you place an emphasis on gaining experience that is acceptable for licensing purposes. Failure to become licensed can severely limit your potential professional growth.

Types of Experience

This experience must demonstrate a clear use of your engineering knowledge, engineering education, and engineering judgment to perform the task, be progressive, of an increasing standard of quality and responsibility in one dominant discipline. Although it is recommended that the engineering experience be obtained while working under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer, this is not a requirement for licensure. Experience that is considered most acceptable for licensure purposes generally falls into one of two categories: design or analysis. Design - The most common type of acceptable experience is design. The common denominator in all design projects is the selection and use of recognized engineering principles and methodology to determine a solution to a problem. The final result of design work will almost always be details, plans, or specifications for use in creating a finished product. Analysis - The second common type of acceptable experience is analysis. Common features of analysis activities include the use of mathematical modeling and acceptable data collection techniques to assess a problem, and the act of making a learned recommendation based on analytical findings. An analysis activity will almost always result in a conclusive report or recommendation. It should be noted here that many other types of activities would also be acceptable if your participation in those activities can be described in terms of design or analysis. By asking yourself if you can describe your activity in terms such as "I calculated..., I designed..., I analyzed..., I recommended...," you can almost assure yourself that you are describing design and analysis.

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Barbara Landau has been the Dick and Lydia Todd Professor of Cognitive Science since 2001, and the Director of the nike air max 90 gs hyper pink uk
since 2013. Landau is interested in human knowledge of language and space, and the relationships between these two foundational systems of knowledge. Her central interests concern the nature of the cognitive "primitives" that are in place during early development, and support our remarkable capacity to recognize objects, move around space in a directed fashion, and talk about our spatial experience. Specific questions of interest include: How do children come to master the intricate relationships between meanings and their linguistic expression? How do we come to know about space, in order to recognize and remember objects, motions, and places in space? What is the relationship between language and space, and do these differ across different languages? How do humans use each system to enhance their use of the other system? When and how do the two systems come to "communicate" with each other?

In thinking about these questions, Landau's research draws on a variety of approaches, including traditional experimental and linguistic methods adapted for young children. Although much of her work concerns the mechanisms of normal development, she is also interested in unusual cases of development, which can shed light on normal development and cognition. For example, studies of congenitally blind children can shed light on the relationship between perception and language; studies of people with Williams syndrome (a genetic deficit associated with deletion of 25 genes on chromosome 7) can shed light on the effects of genetic deletion on spatial organization, and on the consequences of abnormal spatial knowledge on language learning. More generally, these cases of unusual development afford the opportunity to think about the relationships among genes, the developing brain, and cognition.

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